The Founder


Hi, my name is Adrian, I am the founder of

I worked in one of national bank in Indonesia for 4 years since 2004 and decided to leave and learn sales and marketing especially in digital marketing. Worked for some well known digital platform locally and gained some more experience how digital business works, I finally build my small shop online in Indonesia selling some luxury products and failed. 

I realized that the best business to run is something related to my hobby. I love wristwatches and music and I started to think to create business model related to my hobby. Get along with people in the same line of hobby and make a good connection each other, finally we build something related to watches, we sell community based and had a good result at that time (2010). My first online store serving international market is Strapgua Indonesia (, and being connected internationally is my advantage to gain more knowledge and opportunity from outside the country. As the business growing, I leave watches business because the competition is very tight especially on online market and put more focus on customs strap to support main brands. 

2018 is actually my tip of year, when I restarted again my old business by doing deeper research form inside and outside the country. And finally I decided to enter Micro-brand watches industry as my preference on the watch also change. Diggin more information and knowledge, get connection in the industry and having extensively discuss with some new friends outside the country to see the opportunity, and finally open Timeindo as the first online platform serving micro-brand watches specifically in Indonesia. 

Being the first starter in the country in terms of microbrand watches wasn't easy. 5 months with no sales brought me into a whole new world as Youtube creator. I had no choice at that time, but this situation miraculously become the best way to introduce microbrand in Indonesia. The growth started to come, and Horologystory become number one channel in Indonesia focusing on watches in general, and specifically in microbrand watches.

Growth leed into the crowd, and this is the idea of this website, to be the best horology community platform in Indonesia. Welcome on board !


Adrian - Founder