Founded in 2018, We started as a youtube channel called Horologystory. Over time this channel has grown fast with the foundation of watch reviews, buying guides, advice, and inspiration to help watching fans make the right buying decisions.

Finally, the decision was taken with the formation of HS Magazine in 2022, which focuses on the watch industry, presented as an editorial website (watch journal publisher).

Adrian (the founder) initially started a Youtube channel which eventually continued on the platform, and then opened the new HS Magazine division in 2022, because he believe that there should be a reading platform, not only a visual platform like Youtube. With his passion, Horologystory soon developed into a dedicated team with watches of various tastes and lifestyles. On this website, we present articles on watches that are packed with real photos from various well-known brands.

We are on an incredible horological journey, and strive to bring you the best content.