• The Mitch Mason Maelstrom is designed and built to be a valiant and versatile companion. It is a contemporary interpretation of vintage Super Compressor dive watches. It sports an automatic movement, a 300m water resistance with dual screw-down crowns, and a double-domed sapphire crystal boasting 10 layers of anti-reflective coating.
  • The Maelstrom’s design is inspired by the style of Super Compressor dive watches, with a touch of modern technology to accomplish superior water resistance. Developed by Ervin Piquerez S.A. in the 1950s, Super Compressor dive watches had unique case structures that could adapt to increasing water pressures. A compression spring mechanism in the case-back allowed the watch to be compressed as pressure increased. As a result, a tighter seal was created and the possibility of water entering the case was drastically reduced. Super Compressor dive watches also had internal rotating bezels with two crowns on the right-hand side of the case, which have been tastefully incorporated into the Maelstrom.
  • The Maelstrom provides an exemplary wrist presence with its 40mm case diameter. Downward angled lugs keep the watch at a compact 47mm lug-to-lug length, a pleasure on any wrist. A beautifully beveled internal rotating bezel, mixed with clever engineering, allows for the Maelstrom to be slim, at only 12mm in height. This is exceptional for an automatic dive watch which boasts 300 meters of water resistance.
  • Mitch Mason's signature hour hand knot pattern is retained in the Maelstrom. The hands are custom designed to be bold and gallant, facilitating quick time-reading even in challenging situations.
  • The Mitch Mason Maelstrom is built to withstand crushing and unforgiving pressures. The solid 316L stainless steel case can survive up to 300 meters of water resistance effortlessly. This is ensured with dual screw-down crowns and a screw-down case-back. The dial and internal bezel are shielded from damage by scratch-resistant double-domed sapphire crystal glass.
  • Powered by the Miyota 9015 automatic movement, beating at 28,800bph (4Hz), the Maelstrom offers 42 hours of power reserve. Hacking and hand winding functions enable one to synchronize the time with extreme precision. A quickset date complication keeps it practical for everyday wear. Protecting every movement is a screw-down case-back, deeply stamped with an energetic piece of art.
  • The Maelstrom is a sturdy yet versatile series of dive watches from Mitch Mason, built for the venturesome and tenacious individual. Available in four alluring colorways, the Maelstrom keeps one tough, stylish, and ready to take on any challenge.





It's really hard work to create a different character from an existing watch design. It takes a long time to think, try, change, and decide on a new design from an existing design.

The white dial color that we chose will certainly change the overall character of this Maelstrom model. And to add an artistic accent, we coated the entire dial with Superluminova BGW9 with sandwich negative indices, negative sticks & 60 markers, negative date wheel, Mitch Mason brand negative logo at the top of the dial, Horology Story brand negative logo at the bottom of the dial, and of course, the negative hands coated with different types of luminous.

The white dial will be very boring if it is not accented with other more attractive colors. So we decided to combine it with orange accents on the minute tracker, as well as a unique and striking bezel color in turquoise blue.

As a result, the Maelstrom HS edition is very different, super striking, combining vintage accents with a more modern color approach.


Sungguh merupakan sebuah kerja keras untuk menciptakan karakter berbeda dari sebuah design jam tangan yang sudah ada. Perlu waktu yang tidak sebentar untuk berfikir, mencoba, merubah, dan memutuskan sebuah design baru dari design yang sudah ada. 

Warna dial putih yang kami pilih tentunya akan merubah karakter keseluruhan model Maelstrom ini. Dan untuk menambah aksen artistik, kami melapisi keseluruhan dialnya dengan Superluminova BGW9 dengan negatif sandwich index, negatif sticks & 60 markers, negatif date wheel, negatif brand logo Mitch Mason di bagian atas, negatif brand logo Horology Story di bagian bawah, dan tentunya negatif hands yang dilapisi jenis luminous yang berbeda.

Dial putih akan sangat membosankan jika tidak diberikan aksen warna lain yang lebih atraktif. Maka kami memutuskan untuk mengkombinasikannya dengan aksen orange di bagian minute tracker, juga warna bezel yang unik dan mencolok berwarna turquoise blue.

Dan hasilnya, Maelstrom HS edition menjadi sangat berbeda, super striking, menggabungkan aksen vintage dengan pendekatan warna yang lebih modern.



The dual crown is one of the reasons we chose the Maelstrom model to be the co-branding edition so that both brands can make a signature on the crown surface. This will really symbolize a solid collaboration between the two brands; Mitch Mason and Horology Story

Dual crown adalah salah satu alasan kami memilih model Maelstrom untuk dijadikan edisi co-branding, sehingga kedua brand bisa membuat signature di bagian permukaan crown nya. Ini akan sangat melambangkan sebuah kolaborasi yang solid antara kedua merk ; Mitch Mason dan Horology Story 



The case back is the hidden part when the watch is worn on the wrist, but we really appreciate a watch brand that took the time to design this part well. One of them is the Mitch Mason brand with a very good case back design which is executed with a quality 3D stamping technique. We don't want to change this beautiful part, we just add the signature HOROLOGY STORY at the top, and the individual serial number at the bottom.

Bagian caseback adalah bagian yang tersembunyi ketika jam tangan dipakai di pergelangan tangan, tapi kami sangan mengapresiasi sebuh merk jam tangan yang memberikan waktu untuk medesign bagian ini dengan baik. Salah satunya adalah merk Mitch Mason dengan design caseback yang sangat bagus yang di eksekusi dengan teknik 3D stamping yang berkualitas. Kami tidak mau merubah bagian indah ini, kami hanya mendambahkan signature HOROLOGY STORY di bagian atas, dan individual serial number di bagian bawah. 


Every model made by the Mitch Mason brand always features a quality luminous. But for this co-branded edition, Horology Story makes it even more lume killer. The entire dial is coated with Superluminova BGW9 (blue), the hands and the minute tracker are coated with Superluminova C3 (green), while the marker bezel is coated with Superluminova BGW9 combined with C3 on the pip bezel. Guaranteed LUME KILLER!!

Setiap model yang dibuat oleh merek Mitch Mason selalu menampilkan luminous yang berkualitas. Tapi untuk edisi co-branding ini Horology Story membuatnya lebih lume killer lagi. Seluruh dialnya dilapisi Superlumiova BGW9 (biru), bagian jarum juga minute tracker nya dilapisi Superluminova C3 (hijau), sementara di bezel markernya dilapisi Superluminova BGW9 dipadukan dengan C3 di bagian bezel pip. Dijamin LUME KILLER !!


MITCH MASON MAELSTROM HS EDITION is only made 99 pieces. Limited, only produced once, will not be produced again. The sale is carried out exclusively, only for Horology Story Premium Members (additional 10% discount from the Pre-Order price).

MITCH MASON MAELSTROM HS EDITION ini hanya dibuat 99 pieces. Terbatas, hanya di produksi sekali, tidak akan di produksi lagi.  Penjualannya dilakukan secara exclusive, hanya untuk Premium Member Horology Story (tambahan diskon 10% dari harga Pre-Order).