Founded in 2018, we started as a Youtube channel called Horology Story. Over time this channel grew exponentially! Built with a vast collection of watch reviews, buying guides, advice, and inspiration, the channel proved to be an invaluable resource for the everyday watch enthusiast.

Later, we launched the HS Magazine in 2022. It focuses on the watch industry, its market trends, and thoughtful commentary presented as an editorial website. The magazine became a great companion to the visual entertainment of the channel.

Adrian, the founder of Horology Story, continued to develop Horology Story into a platform called With videos, reading articles, and a shop to buy the watches being reviewed, Horology Story became the fastest-growing watch community on the internet! With Adrian’s unwavering passion and a dedicated team around him, Horology Story is able to serve fans of watches from different lifestyles and preferences. From real and original content from  Microbrands to in-depth discussions about well-known Swiss Companies, Horology Story always has a tale to tell!

The next story to tell could be your own.