I’d like to begin this story with my favorite G-Shock, the GMW-B5000TVA. I prefer telling this story over a campfire and mallows but under the bed sheets and just before you kiss the kids goodnight will also do. 

Once upon a time, there was a square watch that challenged the whole watch industry by being tough as nails and as affordable as ice cream on a warm sunny day. Thats the DW-5000, also known as the G-shock square. Through the years it grew and its latest version is not just a resin peasant but now a stealthy titanium knight it glossy armor. From the initial images I knew right away that I need this GMW-B5000TVA. But, at almost $2000 from where I live, I couldn’t afford one. Thankfully, I have a YouTube channel that has a modest following and the views generated enough revenue for the channel for me to pre-order one. And the rest is G-shock-ownership history.

This Titanium square G-shock has many similarities with Gundam’s popular design aesthetics. I mentioned on my video review, about a year and a half ago, that this might be greatest G-square ever made that may not for everyone. Do i still feel the same after subjecting it to collectors rotation? 

Let’s begin with the specifications. The case dimensions are 49.3mm × 43.2mms with thickness of 13mms. The total weight is just 104g which is very light for a full metal G-Shock. While the dimensions are identical to the full steel square, this is about 37 percent lighter due to its full titanium build. This however triples in price because of the application of diamond like carbon coating (DLC), laser etched specifications and sapphire crystal. It also features a uniquely molded and milled out bezel and bracelet construction. True Japan’s exotic yet minimalistic design principles, the inclusion of drilled through holes for its lug area and links provides a unique design profile that looks familiar to the cultured G-shock fan. 

Admittedly, this is the first time I’ve ever handled a titanium G-Shock but i have experienced many titanium watches before. It is a very transformative feeling when its held on your hands when you realize what Casio is capable of. Its surprisingly comfortable but incredibly solid feeling on the skin. It’s truly refreshing to touch this level of refinement compared to the ruggedness I’m used to. Like with many g-shock squares, it very easy to strap on to smaller wrists like mine, even though there are some slight over hang on each lug side. The weightless feature of a full titanium watch is even more apparent with this one since it’s an electronic module inside and not a mostly metal caliber. 

There is an immediate attraction to the bracelet with its titanium being covered with matte finishes and accented with high polished chamfers. This polish is also extended to the sides of the bracelet to give it a supremely premium quality. These links use very thin push pins that has a metal sleeve portion inside the middle of the link. The clasp has 4 adjustment holes to accommodate minute sizing variations. For a watch with labeled parts, it would have been nice to have a label for the buttons here. It’s a missed opportunity. But that’s fine. It’s a detail I can live without. 

The show stopper here are the holes on each link of the bracelet. I’ve never seen this before on any g-shock. This feature just gives this watch an industrial and mechanical spirit to it that I really love. These holes are also present on the lug area of the case, It’s a dirt magnet for sure, just keep that in mind. The case back is covered with a multitude of text as well, along with a nice matte finished surface that’s lined with a glossy chamfer. There are labels on each side to give the watch some proper symmetry while the light button is painted in red to break this symmetry up with visual interest. All of the buttons are black toned and gloss coated too, to match the whole motif of the timepiece. While the holes on the bracelet might be meant to save weight and help the your skin breathe, the holes on the bezel is clearly meant to display the technology inside. This fine resin cushion give g-shock its legendary shock absorption. This is a clever gimmick that also provides a reason for all the red accents on this piece. 

The watch proudly displays the serial of the titanium bracelet and the fact that its DLC coated. Every part is individually labeled. This type of aesthetic is based on swiss style typography principles where small texts are used as part of the layout and allure of the product. These texts, applied in subtle warm white, is crisply engraved all over the watch. Each text reacts differently on the varying surface treatments such this contrasting bezel facets. This is a very appealing design choice from casio. Of course being a G-shock you are treated to a number of watch modes for the ultimate in functionality. This comes with a stop watch, world time, timer and alarms. It also has a Multi date format, multi band 6, tough solar and Bluetooth connectivity. As with many g-shock squares, the buttons may need a little effort to press. 

The text all over the watch is laser sharp and understandably so. These text are in fact laser etched and not printed on. Paired with the DLC coating and you have one real tough G-shock that can handle any situation. Another praise worthy aspect of this Square is the very even finish of the titanium parts. All of the edges are clearly defined. Up close even the drilled link holes are properly smoothened out, a challenge to do for multiple titanium parts. I guess thats where the cost started to stack up. The bezel edges are also very sharp providing adequate contrast from some the softer bevels. From the side you can also see the light button is not only painted red on the top but also recessed and painted on the side. For a G-Shock it definitely displays its value when held to the same standards as other luxury watches in the pricepoint.  

The burning question is “is the price worth it?” If you’re looking for an all titanium watch, there are other options in the microbrand scene that offers the hardware at as little as two-tenths of its price. So no. If you just need a G-Shock, I’m just happy you made it this far reading this article but you’re better off spending the next 3 hours choosing which G-Shock to get in amazon this next Black Friday. And if you’re going to sit down and calculate the cost for each of its parts and module, then this thing is severely over priced! I’d want a better module, that claps better be made from titanium and it better transform into a robot while it’s at it. 

But this is the greatest G-Shock ever made. Because it was able to negotiate to my heart than to my rational noggin. For designers like me, it’s like a live action anime done with a bigger budget without all the hammy voice acting. 

You can wear it casually without attracting too much attention, and for those who would notice, you don’t have to explain yourself because the darn thing can do it by itself. It’s a sci-fi watch without all the branding. It’s a fine balance of accent white and sparse red with meticulous applications of fine finishing. It still like having a tank with McGuyver driving it. If you don’t know who McGuyver is both the internet and your grandpa can help you out. 

This G-Shock is for geeks out there like me. A small quirky few who loves these very specific tastes. A small few of you will secretly agree with me, have bought it already and will store it right next to your speedmaster snoopy. But for the larger, more sensible, portion of you out there, it’s an interesting gshock that is simply not for you. But hey! It’s a great bed time story to tell nonetheless.